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Newton Medical Center - Newton Home Health

Newton Medical Home Health
4168 Tate St.
Covington, Georgia 30014
(770) 788-9403
Fax (770) 788-9406

Newton Medical Home Health is the division of Newton Medical Center devoted to providing expert and highly skilled medical and supportive care to homebound persons in the comfort of their homes. Our clinicians work as a team with the patient/client, their caregivers or family and your physician to assist you in obtaining the most desirable outcomes of care.

Newton Medical Home Health Provides the Following Skilled Services:

Intermittent Skilled Nursing Services
of an RN or LPN - Such services may include (but are not limited to) administering injectable or intravenous medications, observing for signs and symptoms of impending or potential problems, patient or caregiver instructions in medications, dressing changes, ostomy care, inhalation treatments, venipunctures for laboratory studies, and reporting to your physician.

Skilled Physical Therapy Services
performed by a Licensed Physical Therapist - Services may include stroke rehabilitation, gait training after a fracture or surgery, exercise and strengthening programs, rehab for joint replacement, safety evaluations with recommendations of assistive equipment needs and using assistive device instruction.

Skilled Speech Language Pathologist Services
performed by a Speech Language Pathologist - Services may include stroke rehabilitation, correction of abnormal speech patterns after injury or surgery, correction of swallowing disorders and working with Dementia patients on cognitive deficits.

Skilled Occupational Therapy Services
performed by a Licensed Occupational Therapist - Services may include training in assistive and adaptive devices, stroke rehabilitation, upper extremity mobility and exercises after injury, surgery, or illness, hand and manual dexterity training, and training in Activities of Daily Living.

Medical Social Services
performed by a Medical Social Worker - Services may include information and/or assistance with referrals for community resources, alternate living arrangements, or nursing home placements.

Personal Care and Support Services
provided by a Certified Home Health Aide - Services may include assistance with activities of daily living while maintaining the patient in a safe environment.

Nutritional Guidance
may be performed by a Registered Dietician to develop a nutritional plan based on their risk assessment.

Medical Supplies
ordered by your physician to be used during the course of
treatment of your medical condition - we coordinate arrangements for any DURABLE MEDICAL EQUIPMENT or OXYGEN needed as prescribed by your physician.

Qualifying For Services
Home Health Care Services are available to those who meet the following criteria:

Essentially Confined to Their Homes
This means that the patient has a normal inability to routinely leave the home without assistance or an assistive device.

Under the Care of a Physician
Patients in home care must be under a doctor's care and approval.

In Need of Skilled Services
The patient must be in need of Intermittent Skilled Nursing Care, Physical Therapy or Speech Therapy Services.

How to Initiate Services
Ordering services is easy. If you are hospitalized, just ask your
physician or hospital discharge planner for home care services. If you are not hospitalized, a telephone call to the offices of Newton Medical Home Health at 770-788-9403 can begin the process of initiating home care services. Our friendly customer service representatives will take your information and call your physician to see if you qualify. It is generally helpful if you have discussed home care with your physician prior to calling us with your referral. Unless otherwise ordered, home care services generally begin within 24 hours of the referral or hospital discharge.

Newton Medical Home Health is a certified Medicare licensed provider by the Georgia Department of Human Resources and is accredited by The Joint Commission.

Payment for Services
Newton Medical Home Health accepts Medicare, Medicaid, and most insurance plans. Some insurance plans have limitations on the services covered or the number of visits allowed, and co-pays with an out of pocket deductible.  We will verify your insurance benefits for you prior to initiation of service and communicate any co-pays, deductibles and limitations of service governed by your insurance carrier.

Office Hours
Our office hours are from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, exclusive of holidays. A nurse is on call 24 hours per day, by calling our office number at 770-788-9403 to answer your questions, to take a referral after hours, and to handle emergencies.

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